Startup Jobs In Shanghai

Startup Jobs In Shanghai

Shanghai Is Rated #8 In Startup Ecosystems Globally

Ecosystem Value

$42 bn

Seed Funding Round

$255 k

Growth Index


Metropolitan GDP

$384 bn

Life in Shanghai is fast-paced, colorful, and even glamorous for some. At 24.1 million people, it is one of the most populated cities in the world. Rich cultural relics comprise the Old Town neighborhood, while shoppers delight in long stretches of shops peddling designer brands and vintage goods. It’s no surprise that the city is also a startup ecosystem mega-star.

Between Shanghai’s government push to boost the currently at least 1,800-2,700 active tech startups and the recent, rapid growth in its coworking scene, the city makes for an enticing place to build the next unicorn. In 2016, China’s Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation Policy unveiled a new round of reforms designed to push the world’s second-largest economy to a higher level.

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