Startup Jobs In Seattle

Startup Jobs In Seattle

Seattle Is Rated #10 In Startup Ecosystems Globally

Ecosystem Value

$13 bn

Seed Funding Round

$332 k

Growth Index


Metropolitan GDP

$301 bn

While Seattle may be most famous for its tech giants Amazon and Microsoft, the city encompasses 2,000-2,600 active tech startups who are busy disrupting industries and raising billions of dollars. The Pacific Northwest is largely centered around software products, but also encompasses significant clusters in gadgets, biotech, and of course cloud technology. In 2015, Seattle startups raised as much as $1.95 billion in venture capital.

Seattle’s strong Access to Tech Talent has drawn dozens of Silicon Valley tech giants including Google, Facebook, Oracle, Salesforce, Adobe, HP, and Twitter. Average salaries are high—second only to the Bay Area, thanks in part to Amazon and Microsoft’s ability to offer upwards of $200,000 to promising software engineers. Many of the city’s 90,000 developers come from the University of Washington,1 which ranked 6th in the country for its computer science programs according to U.S. News & World Report.

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