Startup Jobs In Beijing

Startup Jobs In Beijing

Ecosystem Value

$131 bn

Seed Funding Round

$682 k

Growth Index


Metropolitan GDP

$506 bn

Sao Paulo Is Rated #12 In Startup Ecosystems Globally

Beijing counts an enormous population of around 25 million people in the metropolitan area and is home to 4,800-7,200 startups, the third largest Startup Output in the world. The startup scene of China’s capital city has been an unknown to many in the Western world, at least until now.

Funding is readily available as well, with not only foreign investors injecting money into the ecosystem—in 2015 the Chinese government invested a staggering $231 billion into its startups. Pairing strong talent and funding with a domestic market of around 1.3 billion consumers, these are the ingredients that really move the needle. Beijing claims more than 40 startups valued at above $1 billion, the second highest concentration of unicorns in the world.

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