About us

About us

Jumpstart Your Startup Journey

We are here to reduce the 90 % failure rate of startups by providing them early stage branding and access to the best minds globally to build and scale their startup venture.

For the entrepreneurs who have dared to dream

There are thousands of startups getting launched every month and less than 1% eventually secure funding of any kind and even lesser move forward after funding to build a scalable and repeatable business. In this arduous and cluttered ecosystem, if you can make your startup visible and showcase a strong team, chances of leapfrogging and building a robust business increase manifold.

We at YoStartups, get over 2 million web impressions per month and help you to Jumpstart your startup by promoting & relaying across social media and web channels. We attract startup focused audience from major startup hubs, with over 2,000,000 web & social media impressions every month. We believe there is always someone on earth who wants to support your idea and you should not be paying hefty fees to reach them. We broadcast your startup pitch globally to your potential clients, job seekers and investors.