Technical Business Development @GlobalVelocity #RemoteJobs (69 views)

Technical Business Development @GlobalVelocity #RemoteJobs (69 views)

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April 21, 2017

It’s an interconnected world, which means you can’t take your network for granted. Too many cyber attackers, social engineers and inattentive employees are ready to turn your greatest assets into potential liabilities.

Global Velocity helps you minimize your exposure by controlling private information as it moves across your network. Our groundbreaking solutions keep your network secure and provide a future pathway to unified threat management.

In the last three years we managed to successfully realize many exciting projects from our office in Muscat, Oman. In March we finally moved this office to Dubai, UAE to position ourselves closer to the latest trends and relevant fields of technology such as Smart City.

This gives you the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to join our team for six months and help us evolve our new location. In Dubai, we are working with a big German company to tackle future-oriented fields such as Smart City, Smart Home, Connected Mobility and Smart Energy.

You will be working with our co-founder and CEO Zièd remotely. As far as on-site work is concerned, you will be working independently as well as with the relevant staff of our partner company in Dubai.

You will start with a 2 week orientation phase here in Munich where our founders will share our vision with you as well as our values, culture and processes. After that, we’’ll send you to the UAE to represent Motius for half a year.


  • Advanced level in (Business) Informatics ((Wirtschafts-)informatik), Technical Business Administration (Technische Betriebswirtschaftslehre) or similar.
  • Strategic and methodical thinking as well as active initiative in order to be able to recognize interesting opportunities in the market.
  • Having a well-founded knowledge and enthusiasm towards technology to be able to understand the trends and technologies in the digital fields.
  • Having very good English (written and spoken). Good German is an advantage (due to the cooperation with the partner company).
  • Possessing an out-going social personality as well as professional and communicative skills.
  • Develop the partnership between us and the big german company on-site.
  • The autonomous acquisition of customers and projects and the execution and improvement of the Motius-Project-processes.
  • Supporting the partner company as an R&D partner in external meetings.
  • Preparing and taking part in ideation sessions and brainstormings to find suitable solutions to the market.
  • Preparing sales and marketing brochures.
  • The conception and execution of different initiatives to spread the Motius brand.
  • The preparation of initial technical calculations / proposals for possible projects as well as the cooperation with the technical team in Munich.
  • A six-month internship with a possibility of extension or permanent employment -– either here in Germany or in case of success, directly in Dubai.
  • Independently setting up a new location in Dubai as well as cooperating with the partner company.
  • A strong feedback culture and individual personal development.
  • Unique level of responsibility regarding methods, budgets and customers.
  • On-site, we will provide a Salary, accommodation and a car.
  • Insight into our customers’‘ different companies and industries.
  • The StartUp spirit that’’ll allow you to come up with your own ideas and implement them yourself.

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