Security Researcher @Kolideco #Remote Jobs Anywhere in USA (143 views)

Security Researcher @Kolideco #Remote Jobs Anywhere in USA (143 views)

Anywhere in USA Anywhere in USA
July 25, 2017

Kolide is looking for talented security professionals to join an internal security research team. Researchers will focus on complex operating system security issues in an effort to identify innovative approaches to host-based exploitation detection. Researchers will source malware samples as well create existing exploit payloads, observe how operating systems are influenced, and create generic behavioral analysis capabilities which allow a large number of similar attacks to be detected.

Due to its divergence from traditional approaches to threat intelligence, this role requires a researcher that is not afraid to get hands-on when necessary. New detection capabilities may need to be developed to address your findings and you should be able to work with experienced C++ engineers to guide the implementation of your detection mechanisms, if necessary.

The following attributes would be true of an ideal candidate:

  • Previous experience as a malware analyst, independent security researcher, penetration tester, etc.

  • Extensive operating system architecture and security knowledge.

  • Experience reverse engineering binary applications.

  • Comfortable reading complex C, C++, and Objective-C code.

  • Comfortable writing simple C/C++ programs to provide proof-of-concept exploitation/detection system.

  • Although not necessary, experience with Go and Ruby is also a plus!

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