ReactJS Developer @GlobalVelocity #RemoteJobs (70 views)

ReactJS Developer @GlobalVelocity #RemoteJobs (70 views)

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April 21, 2017

It’s an interconnected world, which means you can’t take your network for granted. Too many cyber attackers, social engineers and inattentive employees are ready to turn your greatest assets into potential liabilities.

Global Velocity helps you minimize your exposure by controlling private information as it moves across your network. Our groundbreaking solutions keep your network secure and provide a future pathway to unified threat management.

The number of webdevelopment projects at Motius is increasing continously. One well-tried technology, we love to use for our frontends is ReactJS.
For example, we currently develop a web app for MAN, to make their employees’ work with gamification approaches more pleasant.

So, if you are totally into webdev and ReactJS and are able to work motivated and thoroughly, you should definitely join our young, awesome team!

  • Good Javascript and Web development skills
  • Experience with ReactJS would be awesome
  • Git, Scrum and other agile skills are important
  • Young, hungry and foolish 
  • Frontend Developer (ReactJS) in part time
  • 16-20h/week as a student employee or freelancer
  • Working both from our office and remotely
  • Regular Scrum meetings and customer meetings
  • As well Motius and the customer are young, small and highly motivated teams
  • Building a new product that launches this autumn
  • Above-avergae payment
  • Working with new and cool technologies

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