Illustrator – Expert in chart re-drawing @KonsusHQ #RemoteJobs Anywhere (80 views)

Illustrator – Expert in chart re-drawing @KonsusHQ #RemoteJobs Anywhere (80 views)

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June 12, 2017

Konsus delivers On-Demand Outsourcing for Professionals, combining top talent with a scientific approach to quality and efficiency.he konsus team is made up of pre-vetted, trusted, multi-talented specialists from 50+ countries in the world. We are a diverse group with a passion for excellence. Meet some of the people supported, designing, building and consistently getting your work done!


  • We are looking for highly skilled Adobe Illustrator wizards to join our technical chart drawing team as part of the ever-expanding Konsus community.
  • As part of the AI chart drawing team, you will be re-creating charts such as technical or business presentation graphs given to you as images.
  • Common tasks include: Transforming images into a new Adobe illustrator file – looking exactly like the original image.and importing these images into PowerPoint and re styling them according to client format (e.g. thickness of lines, font size and other minor details in the graphs)


  • Work when you want and where you want, full flexibility
  • Receive a steady flow of work- no more searching for jobs!
  • You always get paid on time, and if the client doesn’t pay, that’s our problem, not yours.
  • Our project managers handle the clients, and you do what you do best
  • We are building a community in which we work, learn and grow together
  • We treat people in a fair and friendly manner


  • High command of both Adobe Illustrator and PowerPoint
  • If you have past experience with technical or business graph production either in Illustrator or powerpoint this will be useful
  • Very high degree of attention to detail
  • High personal standards for quality and dependability
  • Excellent communication skills – You will need to be fluent in English with the ability to effectively explain your thought processes and perspectives behind each decision in both written and verbal communication.


  • Time is logged hourly and paid out once per month.
  • We work using Slack.
  • When on a project, you must be available until completion. If you think Konsus is the place for you, we would love to hear from you! Please note that we receive many applications for this position and reply times will therefore vary, but we screen applications on a rolling basis and will reach out to you if you look to be a great fit for Konsus.

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