High School Mobile App Ambassador @Kamcord #Internship #RemoteJobs Anywhere in USA (34 views)

High School Mobile App Ambassador @Kamcord #Internship #RemoteJobs Anywhere in USA (34 views)

Anywhere in USA Anywhere in USA
April 21, 2017

People spend 4 hours a day consuming content on their mobile phones and at Kamcord, we’d like to fundamentally change how people share interesting moments from their digital world. We let you record a 15 second video reaction with overlays for your face and voice over anything you see on your phone from that awkward text message to your fav playlist to crazy news. Instagram and Snapchat have built massive networks around the front and back cameras of your phone. We pioneered mobile screen capture and are building a social network for the third camera on your phone: the screen. We’re a 25 person team and have landed $35M in funding.
If you’re in high school and are looking for some real world experience, we have a crash course in modern marketing for you as a Kamcord Ambassador. We’re looking for outgoing and fun loving ambassadors who aren’t afraid to think outside the box and spread the word about our newly launched mobile app. The benefits to our ambassadors are numerous: this is a paid position, real world experience with a fast growing start-up (your resume is going to look awesome), and a letter of recommendation from our CEO.

    • As one of Kamcord’s brand ambassadors, you’ll be the cornerstone in helping us grow our user base in high schools across the United States.
    • We want you to make waves about the brand by employing both innovative and daring techniques.
    • This is your chance to shine through creating fun events, or just telling your friends about the app! 
    • We’ll give you a plan for your high school and provide you with the necessary resources to successfully execute! 
    • Our hiring bar is very high, so you’ll work with the brightest people in the industry
    • You’ll join at the ground level, move fast and make an immediate, measurable impact
    • Recognized by San Francisco Business Times and Silicon Valley Business Journal among “Best Places to Work in 2016”

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